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What important crypto events happened last week?

📌 On the night of June 11, WhaleAlert recorded 20 transactions from 15 to 33 BTC sent from the wallet where Bitcoins stolen from the Bitfinex exchange in 2016 are located. In total, the unknown moved 416 BTC (~$4.071 million). This is the third and largest case in recent weeks when coins stolen from Bitfinex are moving.

📌 An unknown Ethereum user paid 10,668 ETH (~$2.6 million) as a transaction fee for 350 ETH ($86,275). The recipient is the Ethermine mining pool. A day earlier, the same participant paid the same SharkPool mining pool the same 10 668 ETH (~$2.6 million) as a transaction fee of 0.55 ETH ($133.71). Assumptions are made from money laundering to revenge of a disgruntled exchange employee. Closer to the truth may be a version in the failure of the bot that manages this address.

📌 On June 11, an unknown user moved 132,255 Bitcoins in just two minutes. At the current exchange rate, the amount is about $1.3 billion. According to, the transfer was divided into three size transactions. The total commission was only $1.9.

📌 The allegations made against Ripple regarding fraudulent claims in the sale of XRP tokens are based on misleading information, according to the company’s lawyers. A new version of the lawsuit, which argues that the company violated securities laws in the sale of XRP tokens, was filed in August 2019. However, Ripple lawyers are convinced that it should be rejected.

📌 Coca-Cola Amatil, one of the largest Coca-Cola producers in the Asia-Pacific region, in partnership with Centrapay, a digital payment integration company, will start selling drinks for cryptocurrency. You can buy Coca-Cola using the QR code through a special application in more than 2000 vending machines. Residents of Australia and New Zealand will be able to use the service. In the future, Centrapay plans to expand to the American market — the company has already opened a representative office in North America.

📌 Ex-president of Warner Bros. Entertainment Greg Silverman will make a film about the Winklevoss brothers based on Ben Mezrich’s book “Bitcoin Billionaires”. The film tells about the twins’ path to the top of the cryptocurrency industry from its early stages.

📌 Attackers collected 16 BTC under a fake stream with Elon Musk. Fraudsters gain access to channels through a Trojan-infected mailing list. Then, to attract attention, they announce the distribution of Bitcoins on behalf of SpaceX founder Elon Musk or the creator of Microsoft Bill Gates. So, under the stream of launch of the Falcon 9 rocket and the Crew Dragon spacecraft, they collected more than 16 BTC.

📌 Tron Foundation head Justin Sun announced the launch date for the Tron 4.0 core network. A major update will take place on July 7th. The main innovation will be private smart contracts based on zK-SNARKS technology. It allows you to conduct transactions without disclosing confidential information.

📌, the company behind the EOS project, will launch the Voice social network on July 4. Platform CEO Salah Zalatimo says Voice will become “social media platform that doesn’t play politics, empowers communities, and respects your data.” To create an account, you must submit an application, and from August 15, it will be possible to invite friends to the platform.

📌 The mysterious creator of Bitcoin may be former drug carrier Yasutaka Nakamoto, who previously worked for the Pablo Escobar cartel. At least that’s what Olaf Gustafsson, head of Escobar Inc, claims. Yasutaka Nakamoto was a lead engineer at Pacific West Airlines, combining his official work with transporting drugs from South America to the United States. In 1992, he disappeared from the public field, however, allegedly, he subsequently began developing Bitcoin.

📌 According to the June Bloomberg forecast, Tether stablecoin may eventually shift Ethereum from the position of the second largest digital currency in terms of capitalization. Earlier, USDT outperformed XRP and took the third place in cryptocurrency capitalization.

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