What important crypto events happened last week?

📌 American developer Laszlo Heinitz, the person who made the first documented purchase using cryptocurrency on May 22, 2010, said he actually spent significantly more than 10,000 BTC on pizza. He mined about 100,000 BTC and spent about half on pizza, and the second half he handed out or exchanged for other things.

📌 Minecraft, one of the world’s most popular video games, has a new plug-in enabling players to place blockchain assets directly into their servers without the need to write any code. The launch enables potentially millions of developers to integrate crypto assets into games and apps without prior knowledge of coding for blockchain.

📌 Samsung integrates the custodial and trading service of the Gemini Bitcoin exchange into the blockchain wallet. Users will be able to buy, sell, exchange and store digital assets through the application.

📌 The crypto community drew attention to the growing popularity of BTC. According to Glassnode, the number of investors who own one or more Bitcoins has reached a record high. At the same time, the volume of BTC on the balances of digital asset exchanges, on the contrary, dropped to an 18-month low.

📌 Vitaliy Antonenko, a Ukrainian detainee in New York, faces 20 years in prison and a heavy fine. Antonenko is accused of a series of cybercrimes with the aim of stealing bank cards data. According to investigators, he sold the stolen data along with his accomplices on the darknet. Earned money ($94 million), he allegedly laundered using Bitcoin.

📌 According to the crypto analyst under the nickname CryptoKea, Bitcoin miners have turned into cryptocurrency sellers and the trend is growing. Over the past seven days, miners have sold 955 BTC more than they mined, putting pressure on cryptocurrency quotes. This happens because miners turn off unprofitable equipment, but are forced to sell coins from stocks to pay for operating expenses, CryptoKea noted.

📌 According to Glassnode, users have withdrawn over 310,000 Bitcoins from exchanges since the March market crash, dubbed Black Thursday. This is the longest observed period of cryptocurrency outflow from centralized trading spaces.

📌 The hacker group Blue Mockingbird hacked at least a thousand corporate servers to install a hidden miner for the Monero cryptocurrency on them, ZDNet reports. To carry out the attack, hackers took advantage of a vulnerability in the platform of client interface components for web services.

📌 The number of ETH addresses with above zero balance has grown by 350% since January 2018, when the market value of cryptocurrency reached a historic high of $1,400. According to a Weiss Crypto Ratings study, Ethereum outperforms Bitcoin in the number of addresses with a positive balance and the number of active users. Ripple, in turn, has 140 times less active users than BTC.

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