DeFying Gravity: Bitgatti — Your Chance To Get A Fun Crypto Ride

What is Bitgatti?

Bitgatti is a frictionless yield and smart contract protocol developed on Binance Smart Chain. It’s a static farming coin, which means it allows you to earn just by holding it. Even though it’s not the first token with this kind of philosophy, Bitgatty definitely deserves attention, especially because the presale started just a few days ago (15th of June) as well as massive giveaways organised by the project team. Bitgatti token price at this point is still initially low, which gives the biggest chances of entering the ride with the minimal investment and gaining maximum outcome. At the time of publishing, according to the poocoin data Bitgatti was traded for $0.000000000577709.

  • The concept — following safe coin projects like Safemoon it grants that users can buy tokens any time thanks to automated liquidity poll;
  • Not completely anonymous international team with the relevant experience — some of the team members exposed their real names and photos on the official website and team also is quite responsive and active in the official telegram;
  • Holders care — unlike many other projects, Bitgatti is focused on the community and most of the marketing wallet is used for the daily and weekly giveaways to the current holders; as the team explains it — it’s because the community is the most valuable part of the story;
  • It already has quite a large community with 3000 followers on Twitter and 10 000 members in Telegram channel;
  • Safety — thanks to locked liquidity pool holders don’t need to risk their own money.


The concept is more clear in numbers. The total tokens supply is 1 quadrillion and 190 trillion of them are kept for the White list private sale. 100 trillion is marketing wallet, most of which, as already mentioned will go to the holders as giveaways. 400 trillion is allocated for the presale and at the time of publishing the liquidity pool indicator showed 282 trillion and 816 billion tokens.

  • 5% goes to the liquidity pool;
  • 2.5% is used to buy BNB and then deposited to the PancakeSwap liquidity pool;
  • 5% is being delivered to the current holders proportionally meaning more tokens you have the bigger reward you get after every transaction.

Route for the infinite Bitgatti ride

In fact only main milestones are displayed in the official Road map, and the team is doing much more to keep the crypto going. According to the official plan the next stage of the token development will be the creation of an Admin/Mod team and expanding the core team. Will the creators pick the talents from the interested new holders or try to attract some famous personalities to join the team we’re about to see. By the time of publishing the project already partnered with Safe galaxy and seems like it’s just the first collaboration in a row.



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