DeFying Gravity: Sportemon Go — Sporty Kiddo Of AR And Blockchain

What is Sportemon Go?

Sportemon Go is a new blockchain vs augmented reality project with the tremendous goal to create not less than a revolution in both gaming and NFT collectibles industries. Consonance with once widely popular augmented reality Pokemon Go is not accidental — the new project is aiming to enable collecting NFTs in real space and time, thus the project will take the participant’s interaction at stadiums and sporting events. The NFTs are going to be presented in a form of player’s cards. Users will be rewarded with the meetings with their favorite sportsmen, merchandise, and much more.

  • Community — as in the best traditions of decentralized networks where every member matters.
  • Charity — to help those in less beneficial positions to get the basics that are taken for granted by many.
  • Transparency.
  • Sustainability — continued interaction with CSR experts to keep the whole ecosystem ethical.

Sportemon Go charts

The project got firstly Whitelisted on May 30 with not yet widespread but rather promising support from the community. To participate in the Whitelist giveaway that was on June 4th during 6h, users had to follow SwipeWidget, complete all the tasks, and win free coins. According to the post data, over 20k users participated in Whitelisting, and tokens worth 100 BNB were given away. It was promoted on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and also Sportemon Go Reddit topics were created as well, though didn’t become very active yet.


Sportemon Go has a total supply of 1 quadrillion coins. Marketing wallet and development wallets contain 10% and 5% relatively, though the funds are locked for 180 day period during which 10 payments from each is to be made — 1% and 0,5% relatively. 5% more are locked for the charity matters with 0, 5% payments every 18-day plan. The liquidity wallet is locked for 3 months. 15% more of the total supply is allocated for burning during 3 events that will take place on predetermined milestones.

  • 5% redistributes to the liquidity pool;
  • 3% proportionally redistributed to the current holders;
  • 2% goes to the marketing fund;
  • 2% goes to the development fund.

Where will Sportemon Go?

Just one day after the official launch Sportemon Go seems to be kicking considering its market cap and the number of holders. And it is just the beginning as the project has big development plans for the near future.



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