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  • The highest Ravencoin price in 2021 is predicted to be around $0.20.
  • The lowest expected Ravencoin price is $0.09.
  • Analysts’ Ravencoin price prediction ranges from $0.09 to $0.20.

In the crypto market today, it is useful to understand which coins are of interest, how their price moves, and where they can come to in the near and distant future. One of the coins worth studying is Ravencoin (RVN). We will talk about it and about RVN price prediction in this analytical review.

Ravencoin price prediction: What is Ravencoin (RVN)

Ravencoin was launched on January 3, 2018. The coin is a fork of Bitcoin, that is, the code of the main cryptocurrency was used to create it. The coin was named after a raven from “Game of Thrones” that was the inspiration for the creators of this project.

The task of this project is to provide mass adoption, to give real possibilities of using blockchain and crypto tools in everyday life, the gradual introduction of the technology into the lives of ordinary users. Anyone on the network can create a new asset, and it can be used for almost anything.

Ravencoin also provides much faster blockchain timings (just 1 minute). It was developed using the new KAWPOW mining algorithm, which provides better decentralization.

The people behind Ravencoin

Ravencoin (RVN) is the brainchild of Joel Wess, Bruce Fenton, and Tron Black. Resumes of all three founders of the project speak in their advantage.

For example, Wess is the CTO of online retailer Overstock and was previously the COO and CTO of Medici Ventures. Black also worked at Medici Ventures and was CEO of a number of software companies, including Blue Squirrel, Verified Wallet, and Wintronix, the latter of which he founded. Finally, Fenton is a U.S. Navy veteran who served as vice president at banking giant Morgan Stanley, then as a chief investment officer at Atlantic Financial and spent three years on the board of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Because it does not have a clearly defined development team, it is led by core Bitcoin Foundation developers.

Ravencoin can be burned erased or technically just sent to a non-existing address) to create new crypto-tokens of the projects using its blockchain, but can also be used to pay rewards to participants.

Ravencoin trades with the ticker RVN, and its most common pair on cryptocurrency exchanges are USD/USDT and BTC. The project looks good but behaves very quietly. There are no high-profile scandals like around Ripple or strong international marketing like Solana or Near have.

Does Ravencoin have a big difference compared to Bitcoin?

Yes, it does.

  • The block reward is set for 5,000 RVN.
  • Block time is 1 minute (x10 faster than BTC provides).
  • The total quantity of coins is 21 billion (x1000 vs. BTC).
  • New KAWPOW mining algorithm for brand new decentralized mining.
  • Creating tour own new assets.
  • Messaging and voting (in progress).

Ravencoin Price Prediction for 2021

Price history is crucial for a price forecast. Source: CoinMarketCap.

At the time of writing, the coin is trading at price around $0.124 with a capitalization of $1,235,122,359, giving it 88th place in the CMC rankings.

The coin’s ATH was April 14, 2021, at $0.2359. But if you’ll take a look at the Binance chart RVN/USDT (see below), you can see the spike at $0.295 on February, 20.

Although the Ravencoin cryptocurrency generally correlates with the rest of the crypto market, it sometimes behaves independently of it. It’s important for (RVN / Ravencoin price forecast). For example, it did not react in any sufficient way on October 20 to the general market sentiment when Bitcoin rewrote its ATH. Moreover, on October 21–22 when BTC went in correction movement, RVN was up from $0.109 to almost $0.13 just a few days later (19% up).

As we see, this coin is still far away from breaking through ATH (actually half of its price). And though it is considered that we should postpone the alt-season for now, at least close to the last maximum would be a strong signal for RVN. But no way to stay halfway down the road.

TradingBeasts Ravencoin Price Prediction

According to TradingBeasts, RVN behavior at the end of 2021 (November and December) will range from $0.136 to $0.20 (average expected value of $0.16).

WalletInvestor Ravencoin Price Prediction

WalletInvestor calculations are a little more conservative. For the next month, they expect a range of $0.126 to $0.138 with an average of $0.132. And the sentiment index for the coming month, according to their data, is extremely bullish.

Gov.Capital Ravencoin (RVN) Price Prediction

Gov Capital believes that the minimum RVN price can be lower — $0.09, but they also see the upper price in the area above $0.13-$0.135. And here in December the price, according to their calculations, can be slightly lower than $0.13.

Digitalcoin Ravencoin (RVN) Price Prediction

By Digitalcoin throughout 2021, if the bullish trend is sustained, it could lead the RVN price to the next levels of resistance. The Ravencoin price can still roughly hold at $0.185.

2022 could be a big year for Ravencoin (RVN), assuming their core idea and possible new projects get enough approval, more users learn about it, and their products and services meet market needs. If that happens, RVN price could approach $0.219.

Let’s look at the movement of the coin on the 1-Day timeframe chart and take a closer look in terms of Ravencoin technical analysis. It will help us to compile a viable Ravencoin price forecast.

RVN/USDT (timeframe: 1 day, Year: 2021) — Technical Analysis for RVN Price Prediction. Source: TradingView

The RVN chart in 2021 has several moderate support and resistance lines. Recall that in general, in our opinion, it is more correct to look at the resistance zones rather than the exact point values.

In the May 2021 drop in the market, RVN price tried for almost a month (from May to June) to break through the resistance level near $0.07 to $0.075. After that, the support line moved to the area of $0.05, near which the price was steadily staying till July 21. Later, it went upwards and impulsively broke through $0.075, which by the time had already become a resistance line.

After that, due to several pullbacks and pressures, there were formed the following obvious local levels — $0.095 and $0.11. They are still relevant, because as we’ve mentioned before, recently RVN price impulsively broke through it upwards. But with further fall it has all chances to return to these levels and even lower.

The higher resistance is:

Speaking of price targets, it is always traditional to focus on the ATH. And in an optimistic scenario, we can talk about peak volatility spikes and even breaking highs.

Looking at the current situation, we are not in a hurry to outbid ATH yet. The only option is some high-profile positive event (such as a listing on a respected platform or impressive financing) or a breakthrough technology that is readily accepted.

Ravencoin Forecast, Price Targets

So the targets, if the bullish trend will prevail for this coin, look like that:

  • $0.16 — $0.165
  • $0.20
  • $0.235 — $0.25
  • $0.29 — $0.30 and higher (beyond the All-time High).

On the chart, you can see that the cumulative delta at the time of writing displays good positive values with moderate buying and selling volumes. This may point to a good potential increase in RVN price (buyer interest). If only the whole alt season will take place.

Ravencoin price prediction, Delta Volume, and Cumulative Delta. Source: TradingView

Ravencoin Price Prediction: Exponential Moving Average Analysis

Let’s take a look at a decent TradingView Ravencoin analysis indicator called Quadruple EM. Its convenience is that such a useful tool as Exponential Moving Average (EMA) are combined for 4 calculation periods in one indicator.

Recall that Moving Average is quite helpful for Ravencoin Price predictions. It shows dynamically calculated average cryptocurrency price values for long, medium, short, and very short periods.

As a result, we get a handy tool to keep track of how much higher or lower the current price is for a token over a long or medium period.

Why do we need it? To quickly determine whether the trend is downward or upward. If the recent average price line was higher than the medium- and long-term average line, it indicated an upward bullish trend. But if this line crosses over and then under the higher lines, it means that the trend has changed and a decline is beginning.

Whether this movement is corrective and temporary or long-term is another question. Of course, it cannot be solely based on the indicator. But as a fast analytical tool, the EMA indicator does its job well.

The average is calculated based on the X value of the last candles (X is the number next to the indicator code). There is no reference to minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months. Whatever timeframe you choose, those 14 candles will be taken.

So, in this particular indicator for Ravencoin price prediction, you see four lines at once:

  • EMA 14 — the average of the last 14 time intervals.
  • EMA 50 — for 50 candles
  • EMA 100–100 periods
  • EMA 200–200 candles

The average is calculated based on the X value of the last candles (X is the number next to the indicator code). There is no reference to minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months. Whatever timeframe you choose, those 14 candles will be taken.

So, in this particular indicator you see four lines at once:

EMA 14 — the average of the last 14 time intervals.

Ravencoin price predictions, EMA. Source: TradingView

For visual convenience, we have made the lines of longer calculation periods thicker, and the current estimates (which are checked against the older ones to check the trend) thinner.

As you can see from the chart, from February 2021 to mid-April, when the coin showed the maximum growth along with the whole cryptocurrency market, EMA 14 was above EMA 50. EMA 50 is above EMA 100, which in turn is above the previous long-term average of EMA 200. So the trend was super bullish.

The first intersection of the short-term EMA 14 with the EMA 50 occurred on April 24, when the correctional movement was already in progress. But many investors and analysts still had doubts whether it was just a corrective movement in a continuous bullish uptrend or already a bearish trend already was starting and it was a beginning of a significant drop.

The crossing of the lines gave reason to believe that the fall has already begun. To be more confident, draw the Fib Retracement (another decent Ravencoin technical analysis tool)through the fall impulse from April 14 to April 25, 2021.

To recap in a nutshell, in an ideal trending move, a pullback occurs at 50% to 61.8% or even a deeper temporary pullback to 78.6%, to then return to the main trending move.

On the chart, we see that from April 14 till April 25 the Ravencoin(RVN) impulse went downward, and from April 26 till May 2 the correction (by the candlestick body) was between 0.5 and 0.618. That is, it already looked like a temporary pullback upward movement on the gaining power of the bearish downtrend.

So, we determined that there was a trend reversal during this period. And Fib + EMA helped us to confirm our guesses. Let’s get back to further EMA’s intersections during 2021.

On May 17, the low line of the EMA 14 crosses the EMA 100 and on May 23 it crosses the EMA 200 and goes lower and lower, confirming the severity of the market decline. You can see the low on the chart of the current EMA 14 averages in mid-July 2021.

And then the price went into recovery. And the bullish trend slowly began to return. First, after a series of powerful impulse rallies in early August the EMA 14 came back above all other lines. And then on August 17, the medium- and long-term averages recovered as well. On that day, the EMA 50, EMA 100, and EMA 200 converged. That’s how it works.

Briefly about the fall movements. After the sharp squeeze dump on September 7, 2021, which hit the entire market, the moving averages were still one above the other, like in a normal bullish trend. But gradually the gap was shrinking. On September 20 and 26, the EMA 14 went lower than the EMA 50 and EMA 100, and then on September 30 it was touching the long-term EMA 200, but it didn’t fall below it. After that, there was a rebound.

At the time of writing, after Bitcoin updated its ATH and then already started a small corrective movement, RVN showed quite decent dynamics. On October 22, with a big impulse rising candle, the EMA 14 was back above all lines. And their overall arrangement looks moderately bullish again. If the market does not have a strong collapse, these bullish indicators give us a reason to expect the prices growth we are mentioning in this analysis.

Ravencoin Price Prediction 2021–2022

TradingBeasts provides some projections for RVN price action. In 2021, the RVN coin price can hit $0.136 to $0.20. By the end of 2022, the Ravencoin price may reappear its market models and patterns that you may observe in 2021. All other circumstances being stable, the price can reach (or even surpass) $0.156 — $0.195 (average expected price is $0.133).

RVN Price Prediction for 2023–2025

The Gov Capital calculates the Ravencoin price predictions like that: it can roam smoothly in the range of $0.126 to $0.2 in 2021. By the final months of 2025, the coin can display the growth of up to 370%. With the additional expansion of the project (which would be useful for Ravencoin, indeed) and strong fundamental positives and strong sentiments, the Ravencoin price can test a $ 0.471 closing December 2025.

Ravencoin Price Prediction for 2025

If there will not be any unfavorable happenings affecting the general environment of the crypto market and the project in specific, the price of the RVN coin may achieve the level indicated in Gov Capital’s forecasts by the end of 2026–2028. RVN’s current price is $0.12, so at the end of 2022, its median market price could resume a gradual move toward the $0.156 to $0.195 level.

For this to happen, Ravencoin must gain widespread adoption and positive mass acceptance. RVN’s 2025 price forecast is $0.471. If these factors come true, the coin could be a relatively interesting investment. But you still should not forget about risk assessment.

Ravencoin Price Prediction 2030

Creating a price forecast over the long term is a futile exercise because there are too many unknown variables and black swans. However, under a number of premises, based on the most far-reaching estimates and forecasts from Digital Coin and Gov Capital, we can expect the price to reach the $0.53-$0.915 mark. But if we see RVN near the psychological level of $1, there will definitely be attempts to hit it.

Bottom line

Overall, for 2021, Ravencoin cryptocurrency showed a decent correlation with the rest of the crypto market. Despite the fact that the currency is not a newcomer to the market, and does not seek to seize a large piece of capitalization, to win its niche with loud events and statements, it has not bad potential. For one thing, it has the idea behind it to be of value to its users. Second, it still has room to grow to the level of its previous ATH (x2-x3). If the project continues to evolve, doesn’t meet with negativity, and overall bullish sentiment in the market wins out, RVN is still capable of performing quite well. Will the creators and the community take advantage of this credit of trust, and will the investors get their benefit of that? We’ll see in the near and distant future.


Will Ravencoin Reach $1?

It is possible, but not in the near future and only if very positive events for Ravencoin occur. $1 is x3-x4 from the All-Time high level, which will be difficult to beat.

Can Ravencoin Reach $100?

Unless the project provides a breakthrough innovation or publicly positively proves itself, it is not very likely. However, the case of other cryptocurrencies (starting with Bitcoin itself) proves that any price growth is possible.

How much will Ravencoin be worth in 5 years?

If all goes well with the Ravencoin project, it is probable that the price will be in the range of $0.2 to $0.4.

Is Ravencoin a good investment in 2021?

The project in 2021 showed almost no practical and fundamental value, but nevertheless, it is recognized, it is traded on big exchanges and is still alive for 3 years, and does not look like a scam.

Is Ravencoin worth mining?

Ravencoin is one of the favorites of GPU farm rig owners. The coin may give a reasonable profit, and you can mine it on almost any video card.

Is Ravencoin going to go up?

Ravencoin is a fairly promising cryptocurrency. The price of a cryptocurrency can either go up or go down, it depends on many factors, both in the market and in the media space. We always recommend making your own research.

How much is Ravencoin worth?

At the time of writing, the cost of Ravencoin is $0.3043. The market cap is $157.40 million and a $29.04 million 24h volume.

What Is The Future of RVN?

The general Ravencoin price prediction is that the token will experience a strong price increase. The experts suppose the Coin price to rise more than double before the end of 2021. Some of the analysts expect Ravencoin to reach over $1 by the end of 2022. Those predictions for the future were boosted by rising trading volumes but can also change at any moment according to the current situation.

As RVN coin price also plays a big role in the cryptocurrency field, and it’s possible for it to overcome Ethereum in the future.

How Much Will Be Ravencoin in 2030?

According to Digitalcoin Ravencoin price prediction for 2030, RVN will be able to break the $0.5082 mark.

How To Buy Ravencoin?

There are several ways to purchase Ravencoin. But first of all, you need to have the wallet compatible with the token, for example, Ledger, Coinomi, Trezor, etc. It’s important to have a wallet where you can store your tokens, but as Ravencoin is a token, most wallets support it.

Then you locate the RVN address from there that will look like an Ethereum address starting from 0x. After signing up to Ravencoin you can buy the coin with fiats or other cryptocurrencies through one of the exchange services.

Obviously, RVN coin can be bought through Binance. There you can purchase it with any supported asset or with fiat, but with a higher fee. A good source is also eToro that allows investing in Ravencoin using many traditional payment methods and with low fees.

There are other exchanges where Ravencoin can be traded with other tokens or bought using traditional ways. It’s also recommended to withdraw the Coins to the wallet not to keep them at the exchange.

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