The Hottest Crypto in 2020: What to Look Forward To?


  • Libra Blockchain is written in Move — — a programming language designed specifically for the Libra ecosystem with past mistakes of the Facebook corporation in mind, therefore extra pre-cautions were taken to ensure safety and prevent any security accidents [3].
  • Libra Association, which governs all processes regarding Libra Blockchain right now, is made up of pretty big names. Even after Visa, MasterCard and PayPal have fled the ship [4], there are still PayU, Uber, Spotify, Iliad, Coinbase, RibbitCapital and many others involved [5].


  • Telegram Open Network is designed in a way to allow micropayments speed, which makes its token a real competition for major credit cards and also Libra.
  • The TON ecosystem is said to provide its users with light crypto wallets, that will be much more intuitive and user-friendly than the existing ones, and also compatible with other types of cryptocurrency [6].

Digital Yuan, Digital Yen and LINK Launch in Japan

Ethereum 2.0 (Serenity)



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