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  • The highest VTHO price in 2021 is predicted to be around $0.19.
  • The lowest expected Vethor price is $0.011.
  • Analysts’ Vethor price prediction ranges from $0.11 to $0.16.

VeThor token is well-known for revolutionizing several sectors since its creation. The VTHO token experienced wide acceptance and even got approved by many regulators thanks to the devoted team of developers working hard on the projects. CoinJoy VTHO price prediction is based on the technical data and the analysis of the most known crypto experts. We gathered all the most important aspects to give a full picture of what’s possibly happening with the VeThor token in the future.

The general tendency of this year is quite positive for the cryptocurrency market, though because of the numerous price swings in the last months many of the crypto traders are getting confused about whether they should sell or keep the cryptocurrency. We tried to figure out how volatile the token can be and what possible profit that the holders and traders can achieve.

Latest VeThor Token News

What is VeThor Token (VTHO)?

Vethor token is one of the two tokens governed by the VeChainThor public blockchain network that was launched in 2015 but was rebranded in 2018. The network allows members to participate in it by solving real-world problems. VTHO is an important part of the main platform’s functionality.

It’s a standard VIP-180 token represented as a price for the VeChainPlatform usage. Its main utility is to simplify processes and transactions on the blockchain and in fact it’s represented on the smart-contracts layer of the network. 30% of tokens used in transactions go to the distributed users who produce Blocks and the remaining supply burns.

VTHO can be purchased through the exchange services and crypto markets or VET holders can generate VTHO using it. The token can be stored in hot and called wallets that support ERC-20 tokens. VTHO token can be maintained by the third party, but it will still provide services and solutions utilizing the fee delegation feature. It’s also important that VTHO price is not directly related to the VeChain price, but if you look at the graphics it’s visible that the prices correlate

Vethor Token Price Predictions: Analysts’ Price Forecasts

Technical analysis is often used for the VTHO price predictions. It collects all the data according to the token and also the history of transactions that’s put through the algorithm.

Vethor Token 1 year Price Movement / Daily time frame

According to the data from Dgitalcoinprice VTHO token price will be slightly increasing over time and can reach a maximum of $ $0.01839 by the end of the year and $0.05181 is now considered as its highest price after 5 years. It is also considered to be a profitable long time investment with the possibility to grow almost 2 times in 1 year.

The service also hardly can see the possibility for the token price to slip down. At the same time, it’s more likely advised to hold the tokens or to sell them, but not to buy.

Walletinvestor also creates forecasts based on the technical analysis and as well stands the opinion that Vethor token price prediction is positive in the long run.

It’s estimated that VTHO token holding can bring the revenue about 440% in 5 years as the expected token price in 2026 is $0.0566. Moreover, Walletinvestor finds the token one of the pleasantly profitable investment options as every $100 invested most likely will become $500 in just a 5-year time.

Vethor token price has been following an uptrend during the last 12 months. In that timeframe as the price was increasing it can be concluded that similar markets were popular that year. With the help of a custom algorithm based on Deep Learning, Gov.Capital analyzed the chances to get a profit from VTHO token in the short and long term.

The analytics is considering volume changes, price changes, market cycles, and similar crypto tendencies.

Based on this data it’s expected to see VTHO price reaching $0.01793 after 1 year, which will mean that investing $100 dollars now will bring $71 of profit after 12 months. Gov. Capital analysts reckon that the Vethor token (VTHO) is good for beginners as it’s much easier to trade bullish markets. It might look not so profitable from a short-term look as the price increase moves quite slowly and can experience slight drops over time.

Not much difference shows the forecast from Tradingbeasts that also prognosis VTHO token price increase with the time. By the end of November, the price might reach $0.016591 and is not expected to drop lower than $0.01128.

According to the forecast, Vethor Token price will increase, so it is a profitable investment with a very low chance of losing money.

But as the crypto market is highly volatile, it’s recommended to check on the prognosis every day to understand what’s happening with the investments in the current time.

VeThor Token VTHO Price Forecast 2021

According to the data by most of the analysts, Vethor token (VTHO) charts indicate that the price will most likely continue its steady growth towards the bullish market. With the rise of Bitcoin, the bullish trend will be carried. It is expected that by the end of 2021 the token will cost around $0.01.

VeThor Token Price Prediction 2022

The maximum price for the VeThor token in the near future is expected in August 2022 when it might reach the all-time high of $0.0235. In 2022 the token most likely will experience the continuation of the bullish trend that can bring it to the price of $0.019114 by the end of the year. At the same time, other sources give even more optimistic VTHO price prediction, stating that in 2022 the token price can easily reach $0.04.

Vethor Token Price Forecast 2023

No big surges are expected for the VTHO token in 2023, though its price will continuously but slowly grow until it will reach the level of its previous all-time high. If nothing else happens that can affect the price, Vethor token price prediction for 2023 is to stay between $0.012 and $0.014. But talking about 2023 it’s expected to have a whole market dump after a long bullish run, but even though, the price will recover over time.

VeThor Token Price Prediction 2024

The biggest hopes towards VTHO are concentrated in 2024, as it is expected that the platform will meet more adoption and will partner with more companies. The token price can very likely skyrocket up to $0.020 and the price ranges will get very trendy. The average price for 2024 will stay at the level of $0.017.

VTHO Price Prediction 2025

The bullish trend for the Vethor token (VTHO) will continue in 2025. The estimated Vethor token price predictions for the beginning of the year is $0.031 but if VeChain will continue to move towards more adoption and partnerships by the end of 2025 the token price can grow up to $0.031469 and continue its bullish run.

Vethor Token Price Predictions 2021–2025

  • Vethor token price for 2021 is predicted to reach $0.01
  • Vethor token price for 2022 is predicted to reach $0.04
  • Vethor token price for 2023 is predicted to reach $0.014
  • Vethor token price for 2024 is predicted to reach $0.017
  • Vethor token price for 2025 is predicted to reach $0.031


According to the technical analysis and the expert’s opinion VTHO price prediction for the nearby future is quite bullish and optimistic. It’s considered a good and profitable long-term investment. As the VeChain platform continues to surprise with the technical upgrade and numerous partnerships with the biggest world’s enterprises and companies. Also as before the token’s chart was aligned with the price pattern of VET we can expect to see the same tendency in the future, so it makes sense to watch out for the VET price prediction as well.


How much can Vethor token be worth in 2021?

VTHO price prediction is relied upon to reach $0.01.

How much can Vethor token be worth in 2022?

VTHO price is relied upon to reach $0.04.

How much can Vethor token be worth in 2023?

VTHO price is relied upon to reach $0.014.

How much can Vethor token be worth in 2024?

VTHO price is relied upon to reach $0.017.

How much can Vethor token be worth in 2025?

VTHO price is relied upon to reach $0.031.

What Will Be The Vethor token Price in 2030?

Most of the market analysts agree on VTHO price prediction for 2030 and define the token price as around $0.13–0.15 with the possibility to reach up to $0.40.

Will VTHO reach $1?

As the token is experiencing a bullish trend now, the forecast for VTHO to reach $1 is positive. If Vethor token (VTHO) will follow the current growing speed it can reach $1 as early as August 2022.

Where to Read Vethor Token News?

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Will The VeThor Token Go Up?

The VTHO token price is showing bullish tendencies and will most likely keep going up. Its price can rise up to 2 times in one year.

Is Vethor Token a Good Investment in 2021?

VTHO is considered one of the best long-term investments in 2021 as it has good growth potential.

What is the VTHO Price Prediction on Reddit?

Most of the users on Reddit believe that VTHO price will increase with time, but the numbers vary from unrealistic $10000 to more fact-based $0.03. Just a few users think that Vethor token price can be back to the initial price.

The content of this article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. We ask you to do your research.

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