Witch Hunt and new Inquisition from SEC: trials, fines & bans. Which cryptocurrencies are safe and which are in danger

SEC General Crypto Policy

  • ICO may be unregistered securities.
  • Such securities must be registered, otherwise, they will be outlawed.
  • Tokens can be called whatever you like, but if they have signs of securities, then SEC should deal with them.
  • The release of tokens can carry risks and can contain signs of frauds and manipulations.
  • The decentralized part of the token works and allows transactions.
  • The token is used not only for market speculation.
  • A token can be considered as an asset to preserve value (the role of a financial instrument).

SEC Investigation vs. DAO

SEC attitude to Bitcoin

SEC attitude to Libra

SEC attitude to Ethereum

SEC vs. Enigma

The fight of SEC with cryptocurrency exchanges and other entities



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